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Mission Statement

La Source Ancienne Ounfo is a private Vodou society, our mission, to create a culture of family, learning, growth, support, and service to the Lwa and community through spiritual practice rooted in Haitian Vodou. We are also rooted with our ancestors and are committed to carrying on the traditions of those who came before us, and ensuring they will not be lost. As we move forward as an Ounfo we believe that growth is necessary and commit to cultivating a space where innovation and tradition are paired to move ourselves and our communities forward in healing and reciprocity. We affirm that Vodou is a living tradition and that Fundamental to our practice of Vodou, are respect and honor to the Lwa. We believe human beings must repair, rebuild and transform the world. We will continue to approach this by asking for guidance and instruction from the Lwa, and remaining steeped in our values.

Vision Statement

We envision a community that is inclusive and engages in both spiritual and physical healing. We have faith in the practices of our ancestors and believe that the Lwa provide us with the guidance needed to support restoration. We envision a community where we can engage in that process whole, and in transparency, without fear of retaliation or scorn. We envision a society that interacts with spirituality as we hope to interact spiritually with it, and where education and acceptance are reciprocal. Lastly, but certainly not least we envision a community where Vodou is recognized as a beautiful practice and the stigmas are no longer involved in Vodou’s story


We hold the following as our Ounfo values and guiding principles, As a house, we commit to upholding these values in all of our spaces and within our spiritual practice, and will also encourage others to allow these values to ground them.


Honor the Spirits and the Lwa through service


Be clear about your thoughts and feelings to others


Sharing our space and knowledge to others for perpetual growth


Maintaining a high quality of diverse individuals within the ounfo


Moving with elegance together


Being truthful and straightforward


Positive change


Respect others and the Spirits


Providing a safe space for others who share a passion for Vodou


Creating equal opportunities for all community members


Being sympathetic to others, their feelings, and their situations


Being of assistance to others


Remaining active within the Ounfo

The Ounfo Today

There are currently about 85 people in the Ounfo, though many are out of state and some out of the country. That is about all that the temple can handle. I don’t think the society can get very much bigger or the whole experience would become quite impersonal. On the other hand, we do not wish to withhold this great good from any sincere seekers and will always attempt to remain open to new people who wish to join. When a person elects to take Ounsi initiation, they devote themselves to a Spiritual path before the Lwa, and they become a son or daughter in the Ounfo.

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