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Updated: Aug 6, 2022

This card is for Ounsi. In some ways, the Ounsi care for the Ounfo like many wives and/or mothers care for their families—cleaning, organizing things, maintaining things. But, perhaps most importantly, in the heart of an Ounsi, love is power.

Ounsi are powerful people, and part of their power is manifested in their willingness to set aside the ego, and to make their choices in such a way that they put the community of their House before their own selfish or more self-centered desires.

It is not an easy task; but without them, and this special power of love they exhibit for their Ounfo, what would the Ounfo look like?

This feels like a valuable lesson as we approach the days in which we must resurface from the self-improvements, self-studies, and self-evaluations we have been focused on making during the retrograde.

It's important to care for the self; but it's also so very, very important for each of us to remember that we exist only in relationship to other people, to the lwa, to Spirit, to animals, and to our Earth—who sorely needs our care and protection right now.

There's a lot going on in the world we're all about to spiritually rejoin in a more connected way. Let us try to make our choices based not only on our personal desires, but for the good of all.

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